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Ludhiana - Chandigarh Trip

Me and my friend Navjot were able to find some time and have our hands on both the Pulsars and took them to Chandigarh. Had fun on the way. I am posting some pictures we took on the way to Chandigarh. We were able to push both bikes hard on the way and reached the speeds of 131 kmph on Pulsar 220 and Navjot was able to get 119 kmph out of Pulsar 180 with still going strong readings.. It was a great time. I cannot forget the tea time at Ahuja sweet shop, Khamanon.

I had my bike serviced a day before. My bike now speaking 11000 kms on the odometer.
Changes and expenditure on the bike are as follows ;

Chain Locks changed

Chain cover and sprocket opened and cleaned (A lot of sludge because of oil had deposited)

New tyre (Now I put IRC 130/17" Tyre instead of 120 MRF Zappers) Hardly any difference in looks)

Costed me around 2700 Rs with all these and a new rear tyre.

Self start opened and cleaned.

Regular Paid 7th service costed me around Rs 450 (including oil,spark plug, air filter and a regular wash)

I had taken the membership with Dada Motors in Ludhiana worth Rs 500 in 5th service in which free 5 washes a year and no labour charges were included for each service, But, they still charged me for Labour Rs 60 for cleaning the chain and oiling it and included the tax on top of it. It was not fair. Moreover the service incharge did not knew which oil to put in the bike. He was going to put 20W40 oil in my bike when I stopped him and told him to put 20W50. Also, the washing guys just washed the bike and did not cleaned the water and left it like that. I strongly felt Bajaj service is still very down compared to the market and needs improvement. The technology is improving day by day and staff training is very important for the people working and handling such bikes. If you have spent Rs 75000 on a bike and not getting up to date service then, this is a pity situation. Bajaj bikes are real good but, to a certain extent lacks service standards.

Now coming back to the journey, we started at about 9:30 in the morning and reached Chandigarh in about one and a half hour. I took over Pulsar 220 while Navjot wanted to ride my bike. The first thing he said when we started was " Is your bike a 250 cc or 180? " He felt the smoothness of well run and polished 11000 km bike. There is not much difference in the posture and seating position and feel of Pulsar 180 and 220 but, Pulsar 220 is much more punchy and feels powerful on the whick. I noticed you don't need to twist the accelerator of Pulsar 220 much to get the performance and acceleration out of the bike. In 180 you get the equal performance and acceleration out but you will have to twist the accelerator more. While we managed to attain 131 on 220 and 119 kmph on 180.

The only down time I can remember was when we tried to race a Toyota Corolla on the way. There were guys seating inside back of the car looking at us and giving a huge smile to us when we were trying to catch the car. They noticed us and started making a race faster and faster, After our RPMs touched red line and we saw 115 on our speedos they were able to get away ahead of us we felt the need of a Ninja on our country roads. Cars are still out of hands of a common average Biker. Well, No, we were not upset and caught them after some time when we crossed Morinda and then we crossed them from both sides and reached Kharar ahead of them. It was a fun ride.
We stopped two times on the way and had tea and breakfast. Zimindara Dhaba was very nice. I posted a picture where I mentioned Two beauties at far end. When we stopped for the tea at Khamanon, the guy at Ahuja sweets was real nice guy. He helped us shoot photograph of us both and made a nice tea too.

Distance and km run on Ludhiana - Chandigarh highway is about 96 kms. It is not long distance. So, there is not much to write ,I can think.


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