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Comments on Review till 14th December 10

  1. mohit Says:

    fact that you dumped old pulser after 23000 km prooves that it had become “khatara”.tell us how much you spent on maintaining old pulser.you say TVS apache 180 RTR has resale value then bajaj and you forgot hero honda?you have spent almost half of your review explaining technologies like DTS-i,trics,ExhausTEC etc like a bajaj salesman.as for style all pulsers look same.

  2. Gurvinder Says:

    I did not sold my Black Pulsar because it had become “Khatra”. I only sold it to buy the New Model. I rode it for 23000 kms and I had never any problem with it. I am not rich to keep two bikes at the same time, So, I had to sell one to buy another. Regarding how much I had spent on the previous bike, I have already mentioned it in the blog that other than regular services, I have never spent anything on it. Not even on the sticker jobs. I kept it as company gave it to me.

    Another thing, I am not a Bajaj Sales man. I have already written on the top that, I am writing on my experience. I have also mentioned that the Technology part is taken from Bajaj Website. I need to include it in the blog to tell the readers what is included in the engine package of the Pulsar. So, relax bro.

  3. Navjot Says:

    Pulsars look same because New models have emerged from the previous models. If you say why the NEW Apache and OLD Apache look same, I suppose that will be a ridiculous question. I love the fact that they look same with more aggressive looks. They look same but have reformed dynamics and fresh appeal. Next year Bajaj will take off its name from the Pulsars and Other bikes. PULSAR will become a brand name and it will be sold out not with BAJAJ Pulsar 180 but with Pulsar 180 itself. This shows how much the Pulsars have progressed..

  4. HARPREET Says:

    you have mentioned that you had paid rs 500 for lamination.What type of lamination you have done ?

  5. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Harpreet, It is the TEFLON COATING. It protects again fading of colour and prevents surface damage. Although, it is not too much of the need, but, just for mind sake.

  6. Arjun Says:

    I own a pulsar 180 ug4 for a month now..My experience with the bike has been good till now except for the gear shifts being a little “not smooth”.
    BTW, this article dosent look real….it looks more like that done by a sales professional…

  7. Gurvinder Says:

    I think I have included some stuff from Bajaj website, That’s why you guys are feeling that like written by a sales professional. My fault I should not have included that part. I only needed to let people know about the technology used in pulsar engine. I am not a professional writer, I have written this article for the first time only. The gear shifts are smooth on my one.

  8. Navjot Says:

    I am toatlly agree with you Gurvinder. I am Pulsar 220 F (2010) owner and my Brother owns Pulsar 180 ug4, Both bikes are rock solid, durable and yes high performance bikes.
    Rated 5 out of 5.

  9. Tanendra Says:

    I also own a pulsar 180ug4 and i am happy with it. RTR180 can beat P180 performance wise but when it comes to ride comfort pulsars always win. I am a tourer and have done very long tours on it(more than 3000kms). Still no issues. One problem is there, do timely servicing with greasing all rotating parts and check/adjust the clutch load balancer along with the spring behind the one-way clutch plate(cause these two parts are the prime cause of the typical shrill noise of the engine, but those foolish mechanics always blame it on tappet noise, totally wrong). This is the best pulsar upgrade ever in accordance to most of the reviews. And one thing i must remind u guys, Oil cooler system and 200/220 silencer(exhaust) are direct fit for P180ug4. i have installed oil cooler in mine and its working fine. Just plug and play.

    In a Mc Donald’s way I M LOVING IT…..

  10. Bikram vir Singh Cheema Says:

    hey nice post gurvinder….. i have a question d pics of this grey bike is dis 180???? when did it start comint in split seat???? i think this used to cum in 200…. nd i m planin on to buy pulsar 180 in jan 2011 so what do u suggest….:-) ny help will be great….:-)

  11. Prasad Says:

    Hey guys i have Blue Pulsar 180 UG4. I bought it on 22nd August. I have done 1400kms till now. Its an awesome bike with low maintaineance. I get mileage around 45 even though my average speed is around 55kph. Its value for money and safe bet. Performance and power is at its best. All that i can say is Go for a Test Drive and i’m sure you will end up buying it like me.

  12. gurvinder Says:

    Hey Bikram,

    Yes the bike is 180. This is a UG4 that is upgrade 4. Bajaj stopped the production of 200 and upgraded 180 with 200 looks. It has almost same power as well with 17 PS at hand. Go for it brother, you will be amazed.

  13. Somraj Says:

    can u pls tell me what is the price of oil coolar kit? i’ve installed a 220′s silencer and its working just fine..

  14. Pranav Says:

    @SOMRAJ-can you tell me what does 220′s silencer costed to you, because m thinking to buy a UG4 a modifi it into 220F, what do you say and GURVINDER i want your comments too on my question…. :)
    please do reply guys
    and thanx for such valuable information given above

  15. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Pranav,

    I was thinking of the same thing that you thought of before but dropped the plan.
    Pulsar 220′s front fairing can be bought from any of bajaj pro-biking dealers, but, you will have to buy the entire projectors and lighting set separately. It will cost you around Rs 1800 for fairing and Rs 3000 – 4000 for the front light. Next fitting is the major problem. You will have to weld the front end of 180 at three different places. After doing this much you won’t be able to get original finishing. Not only this it will increase the bike’s weight to 3 kgs thus decrease in pickup of the bike.
    Now come to 220′s silencer. It will have bad impact on bike’s performance and milage. It will lead to more back pressure and decrease the high end power. It will also lead to decreased average thus leading to reduction in fuel economy figures.

    Rest is all upto you my friend. Even sometimes I wish to put 220′s silencer on my bike but it will loose its originality.

  16. Pranav Says:

    m very thankful to u gurvinder for your advice buddy;

    I am ready to spend 10,000 on my UG IV, n my new questions are :-
    1 – will this fitting of fairing look odd ??
    2 – and if i asks mechanics to increase the pick up, then ??
    3 – what do u mean by ‘high end power’ ??

    n buddy u know the main problem is that my father dont want to give me that original 220cc monster as according to his point of view – ‘more c.c. meanse more chances of accidents’, but he is ready to buy me a 180 ug iv, so i whished to modify it to 220, because i really dont want to have 180′s model as my 4 friends are having it…………….so what do u say buddy, n please give answers to my questions :D
    and m again thanking u for helping me :)

  17. Kapil Kaushal Says:

    nice research done on p180 gurvinder…i’ve a question from you & all the readers…..its been 70 days since i bought p180 ug4. On rough roads i feel sound coming from handle’s clip bars(joints at edge of handle) from both side, or whenever the bike is pushed down while standing on center stand…during serivce i talked abt it from mechanic, he told it is usual sound which comes as the bike gets older….i juss wanaa ask do u find same prob in ur bike??

    one more ques…as my bike had done 1000 kms & after first service, it reached around 108-110 kmph on full acceleration with double passenger as its top speed….How much top speed u’ve gotten from ur bike?? I guess it to be increased after 3rd service.

    All readers kindly reply to my query…

  18. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Pranav

    If you are ready to compromise with Rs 10,000 and modifications with your bike then, I can tell you If done properly, The mods will not look odd. I have seen many pulsar 180s with 220 fairing recently. By “done properly” means lovingly and precisely and accurately done welding work” that should resemble Pulsar 220 so much that after changing 180 logo at the back to 220, nobody ill be able to notice that the bike actually is 180 and not 220. But, without changing the exhaust, do not go for changing only the fairing as it will be easy to notice the modification done. One thing I would like to mention is that if you did modifications and changed the exhaust, you will void the warranty of bike. I suggest you that Pulsar 180 is itself a loveable bike and does not need any mods. Every machine is different. I understand how badly you wanted 220 but, I am sure Pulsar 180 will not disappoint you.

    For keeping your bike in good condition always put only that JASO/MA approved 20W50 Engine oil in your bike and not the regular any sort 20w40s as Pulsar’s engine tends to heat up more than any other bike. I prefer Valvoline Premium 4t or go for Motul 300V if possible. Also, oil your chain with Grade 90 oil regularly. Never clean your chain with Petrol or deasel as it will ruin the chain and worst sound will start coming from the chain. Clean the chain with soft brush regularly. You can get Castrol’s SAE 90 Gear oil. It will work nicely with the Pulsar’s chain. Open chains tend to get more dirty easily.

  19. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Kapil

    If you want longer life and better engine for your bike, do not take it to such high speeds before running it for atleast 2500 Kms. For the first 1000 kms you can push your bike in between 50 – 60 kms. After 1500 go for 60 – 80. After 2000, go for more. Read the manual that come with your bike. Pulsar 180 can easily manage around 125-130 kmph if maintained properly. With a pillion at the back, it will still manage 120+ but will take a bit longer to reach at that speed. The speeds are mentioned for every 1000 kms.
    For the handle bar, make sure all the screws and nuts are tightened properly. There is a round washer type adjustment screw that you can set for tightening the handle bar or loosening it according to your requirement. Make sure it is just fine. If the problem still persists, it can be some other problem related to the front end such as suspension or the front forks etc. I can assure you, this does not happens as the bike grow older. The guy is just misguiding you. I never heard any such sound from my bike and it has done already 6400 kms. I had ridden P180 ug3 fr 24000 kms, it was very fine too. Take your bike to Bajaj dealer and if they give any worthless reason for the money you have spent on your bike, you can complaint about the problem faced by you on this email here : customerservice@bajajauto.co.in
    You will surely have your problem fixed after that.

  20. Pranav Says:

    Thanx gurvinder……..m very thanxfull to u as u sorted all my porblems,
    it wz very nyce to talk to u buddy :)

  21. Kapil Kaushal Says:

    thnxx a lot brother for ur deep & worth advice….looking forward to upkeep it.
    thanks once again for sparing ur precious time… :-)

  22. Gurvinder Says:

    You are welcome guys…..

  23. WHATtoDo? Says:

    Hi, i am planning on buying pulsar 180ccug4 and its my 1st bike but i am worried which to chose from 180cc ug3 or ug4 because 180cc ug4 dont have kick start and i am in teans… do u think it is worth going for pulsar 180cc ug4 and it want disapoint me when i try starting it with self start after few 1or2 years please help me gys. TY

  24. Kapil Kaushal Says:

    Dear Gurvinder

    Can you explain the method how to clean the chain? Kerosene or diesel are used frequently to clean the chain before lubrication.What method do u prefer ???

  25. Kapil Kaushal Says:

    In response to WHATtoDo,
    Pulsar UG 4 comes with MF(maintaince free) battery,which is used in cars and that is/was also deployed in 220 CC as well.Considering its good performance in 220 and the fact that most of the sports bikes should be kickless, opting UG4 woudnt trouble you. Its a new trend being set by bajaj & yamaha bikes.

    Further think abt a car,does it have a kick to start,but still it is driven on longer routes than bike….and you can’t perform push start urself,but being with a bike its possible.

    Don’t think & just go ahead, i was also obsessed for kick,but finally bought UG4 and i think regular inspection of battery water level won’t let any prob to arise.

  26. WHATtoDo Says:

    Thanx for yor responce to me Kapil kaushal i realy appricate your advice and now i am finally in peace i will go for this bike and see how it gose anyway i wont regret buying it cuz i have always wish to have 1of thes pulsar bike as my 1st bike i am 16 now snd 17 in few months so i cant w8 to be 17:) Thannk U for your advice and Tackcare bro.

  27. Berlin Says:

    hey i am also going to buy a bike in december, thanks for the review Gurvinder and is the color Metal Grey still available now?……….

  28. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Berlin,
    This is why I have written this review to help you choose better option and yes, This colour is still available. However, Bajaj has come up with a new colour for Pulsar 180, that is Orange with Black combination and it looks awesome. You should also give it a look as well. This colour will only be available in Pulsar 180 and 220.

    Dear Kapil,
    Regarding chain, I cleaned it once with Kerosene, and it started making a weird noise. After taken to Bajaj Dealer, they suggested me two options.. Either go for Grade 90 oil or go for Chain Lube Spray. So, I now never clean chain with kerosene or deisel. After I oiled the chain for few days, the noise stopped coming. The spray is better option than oil but it is a bit expensive, One I saw on the shop was OKS CHAIN LUBE SPRAY that cost around Rs 300.
    I clean the chain with a small brush and oil. I remove the sludge clotted by oil with cloth. It takes time but it is a work of self satisfaction… I like spending time with my bike anyway…lol

  29. Gurvinder Says:

    Guys please have a look here for some good photos of my bike..


  30. Berlin Says:

    hai i heard that p180 has some problems in gears…. is it true? be honest. i need to buy one………

  31. Gurvinder Says:

    If you use wrong engine oil for the Pulsar 180, surely there can be problem with gears, as, We have wet clutch in Indian Bikes, that is our clutches are also dipped in the same engine oil and we don’t have separate gear oil for our bikes. Many people do not know that Pulsars support 20W50 oil and not 20W40. Most of the oils available in India for bikes are only in 20W40 grade. 20W40 oil will only last for around 400 – 900 kms if used for continuous and medium to long rides. The gears become stiff too or it can lead to Mis-shifts. If proper grade oil as recommended by Bajaj is used (as mentioned in Manual) there should be no problems. Bajaj has brought up a new oil DTSi 10000 20W 50. Also other options are Motul 300v Factoryline, Valvoline 4t, Sprinta 2000, elf motogold, BP MAK.. all are available in 4t and are 20W 50 grade. Many people put wrong oils and later complaint about Pulsar’s gear quality. Get your bike proper timely serviced, you should face no problems. UG4 has no problems with gears as any other bike.

  32. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Kapil, I like the example you have given for Battery query of WHATtoDo.. Very true..

  33. Kapil Kaushal Says:

    Dear Gurvinder,i’m not much perceptive in terms of tech specs like you ,but that query was also obstacle between me & UG 4, gave all those reasons to dad & other contraries & found that i was right. Being different, there are few who dare to ride a kick less bike & i proud to be one of them breaking up all the conventions…thnxx 4 d compliment.

  34. CAN? Says:

    HI ,

    I just want to know if we can somehow use 135cc ls pulsar’s number plate style in pulsar 180cc ug4 by modifiying or anyway possible i just like the style of number plte holder of 135cc ls pulsar and want to replace it in my 180cc ug4 Please answer me back Thank u your advice will be appricated TAckcare.

  35. Berlin Says:

    with a kickless starter how will u start when u change from main to reserved fuel.. it will be difficult to start without kicker?

  36. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear CAN?
    I do not know much about changing Rear No. Plate set of 180 with 135s but, I think it can be done easily. A good mechanic or the ones who do modifications will be able to tell you about this. A post on a forum somewhere I found over the internet someone had the same issue, and in a reply, it was written that it could be done easily.. so good luck with that..

  37. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Berlin, Don’t worry about the starting problem. I change from main to reserve and the bike starts easily. Before the fuel level lowers, the bike starts to drop acceleration,Just Change the knob from main to reserve while your bike starts to drop acceleration.

  38. CAN? Says:

    I want to know this this bike is good for long tour espically for hilly zone tour if u have any idea about it please do reply thanx.

  39. CAN? Says:

    And Thanx for advice Guvinder and can u also explain if thus bike good for long journey espially for hilly zone tour Thanx.

  40. Berlin Says:


  41. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear I have ridden a maximum of around 250 kms continuously in a day. It was very well with that. I felt a little pain with my wrist and back because of continuous riding and a little tired too, instead of that it was all fine. Not sure about hilly areas. But, dear, if people can go to hilly areas on 100ccs then, surely it will be able to do it much better with better handling, performance and power goodies present in it.. Can’t say anything about too high areas where oxygen is less but, it should be no problem..

  42. CAN? Says:

    ok Thank u

  43. Rahul Says:

    Hello Everybody,
    I want to purchase pulsar 180cc but i m confused as it is kick-less, thus thinking for 150cc. I hope without kick there would be starting problems in winter/rainy seasons. Is it true? So can somebody suggest me about 180cc/150cc.

  44. Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Rahul,
    We recently had some conversation regarding Pulsar 180 being kickless, have a look at the comments above this, I hope you find your answer

  45. Berlin Says:

    one more doubt…. compare ur bikes color and compare the grey color in this site :http://www.bajajauto.com/2wheeler/pulsar/index1.htm

    it looks different… i went to showroom to see this.. but they doesnt have bikes to show now……

  46. Navjot Says:

    @Berlin : Bajaj’s website showing wrong color i too own silver P220 F . Same color as of Gurvinder’s bike.

  47. Berlin Says:

    thank u for details Navjot…..

  48. Navjot Says:

    Hi, Many people take ‘kick-less’ bikes so seriously. To all those people… see no car has a kick, did you want a car with kick ? no… these new bikes 180/220 , fz/ r-15 , zmr etc all comes with maintenance free battery and reserve power system(180/220) which allow to do 2 or 3 self starts even when your battery is gone !! Just be good to your bike and it will never complain you. how often our car battery goes dead ?
    Please don’t confuse to buy a kick less bike. Its a safe Deal. Just read carefully the user manual to Start a new journey with a new bike .

  49. Berlin Says:

    Hi Navjot,
    when did u buy ur bike? i think bajaj hav changed the color…. see the color of bike in this post


  50. Berlin Says:

    can anyone who reside in big city go to ur nearest bajaj dealer and check that pulsar grey silver is as same as Gurvinders bike because it looks different in this site: http://www.bajajauto.com/2wheeler/pulsar/index1.htm i just want to make sure bajaj hav not changed their color…
    i ask u people because in my town there is only a small dealer and they dont hav bikes to show me….they hav only blue, black and red. i should book without seeing the bike… i just want my first bike to be good… the grey color looks awful in the above bajaj website…
    so anyone please go to the dealer and check the color alone….. thankz…

  • Navjot Says:

    Berlin i purchased my pulsar 220 F in sept 2010 , my bike’s color is same as of gurvinder.
    See gurvinder’s 180 and my 220 ‘s silver color

    I told you website showing wrong color.. !!

  • Berlin Says:

    ok thanks

  • Berlin Says:

    i hav another problem in getting my p180….
    someone had said to my dad that p180 will wont hav good mileage and it will wont hav good resale value…

    and he is asking me to take apache… i hate to take it because a lot of apache in my college and there only few pulsar (all p150)…

    Please someone say weather this problems r true or not…

    and tell me a way to convince my dad…

  • Gurvinder Says:

    All I can tell you is ask your dad to read this blog and many other similars.. or ask Navjot.. He is a good convincer.. He will convince your dad to buy P180 or even 220… cool..

  • Berlin Says:

    my dad dont read english…

  • Navjot Says:

    @Berlin : First of all both apache has less resale value than p 180. P 180 has cheaper spare parts than apache . Due to Dtsi technology it gives better mileage than apache if drive sensibly.
    Buy p 180 without confusion if you like this, you will be surprised by its performance and mileage !!

  • Kapil Kaushal Says:

    Dear Gurvinder,i’ve some queries to be sorted out,

    First one is about the functionality of indicators. It is apparent that Pulsar has automatic system for indicators,that it turns off itself while one takes turn. Don’t you find on urs that sometimes it misses this function & indicator keeps blinking even after taking the turn.

    Another issue with indicators,sometimes while taking turn to left of right whenever i push the indicator switch,sometimes it blinks only once & then turns off,sometimes for 4 secs,6 secs & so on.Sometimes keeps blinking even after completion of turn.Is this miss function or is there any logic behind this issue which i can’t understand.

    One more question,at speed of 40-50 kmph,when switched to 5th gear don’t you feel annoying sound i.e (jharjharana) & loosing that good & roaring sound Wrrooommmmmm.This sound in not found on lower gears or whenever the bike is pushed to higher speed ie 60-80 kmph on 5th gear.

    My bike has completed 2400 km & first service has been done.Should i go for 2nd service??


  • Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Kapil
    Yes It happens to me sometimes too. But I think the indicators turn off system s totally dependent on the Bike’s Handle Bar’s turning. Because in Cars it is a little bit different, however, in a bike, we turn our handle bars more often so, even while turning right when we turn our handle bar to left for even saving a path hole, the indicators turn off, as , they suppose that we have taken the turn we intended to. It cannot be as accurate as cars as car’s turning radius is a more than bike’s handle bar. When you say it does not turns of after a turn, it could be because you might not have taken a bit more sharper turn than required for indicators to go off.
    Switch your bike on, while bike standing try doing it. Put right indicator on turn your bike’s handle bar to right then straighten it, if indicator goes of after few blinks, the indicator system on your bike is working fine. Do it other way as well…
    Regarding Sound, yes, the sound of pulsar changes after pushed to a little higher RPM on any gear. We, cannot do much about it.. It depends on the gearing ratios set for this bike.. I think.

  • Berlin Says:

    hi Gurvinder & Navjot,
    I hav Spent a lot of time today for seeing problems in apache rtr 160 and pulsar 180 ug4 and i found that:

    apache has vibrating and engine noise in every complaints that could not be solved even by tvs service centre

    And in pulsar few people complained problems in clutch and gearbox(this is a repeated complaint). Are u sure it can be avoided by changing the oil? and u didnt hav any problems in gears ah?

    And iam not going for apache for damn sure…..

  • MOMO Says:

    HI can i know what is the millage of Pulsar 220cc dtsi street fighter 2010 edetion for city and highay and also millage of pulsar 180cc ug4 city and highway Thanku

  • Gurvinder Says:

    Check the economy section of this page. It is around 40-45 in the city and 45-50 on highway for 180. I think P220 returns around same. Navjot claimed 50kmpl once for his 220 during the times he rode his bike at a speed of a cycle when his bike was new…

  • Navjot Says:

    @ Gurvinder: Yes thats true that got mileage of about 51.xx km/l on my P220. Mostly driven on highways for first 1000 kms with max 60km/h.

    I think my speed was greater than cycles.

    @MOMO : In city typical conditions expect : 35-40 km/l
    On highways expect : 40- 50km/l depending on your driving style.

  • MOMO Says:

    Thank u for your reply tackcare.

  • Pranav Says:

    hi gurvinder,
    earlier i asked you questions about p180 ug 4, n now m havin 1 n dat 2 limitd edition, n can you please tell me thdat if i modify it would insurance claim will still be there, n if not then is there any way out ??

  • Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Pranav, I would loved to have your query resolved, but, I am not too sure about it, and I do not want to mis guide you. You can check out the same from the company or Bajaj itself from which you want to opt for insurance or may be someone else on this site can help you out. Navjot please reply if you have any information about this..

  • Berlin Says:

    hi Gurvinder,
    hav seen any orange p180 in ur streets. if so how does it looks. does it looks better than silver or is silver the best?

  • Berlin Says:

    hi Gurvinder,
    hav u seen any orange p180 in ur streets?. if so how does it looks?. does it looks better than silver or is silver the best?

  • Gurvinder Says:

    Dear Berlin, People have there own choice, some like orange and some silver, Regarding my choice, I am very much satisfied with silver. Orange Pulsar also looks cool.

  • ashok kumar Says:

    hi gurvind i thought u was wrong about the pickup,
    i can still getup from 23kmph in 5th gear without knocking,
    also one more cons, the gear shift lever is not as smooth as herohonda.
    other than else, everything is fine with p180UG4. i own one in black.

  • Berlin Says:

    hi Gurvinder,
    my dad also like p220f. i may also get 220f (may be by christmas) wat do u think abt it? will it give mileage above 35kmpl as navjot said? do u hav any bad cons about it?

  • ashok kumar Says:

    dont worry berlin p220f is loaded with lot ore features besides mileage.
    HID lamps, wide bodykits,high performance intake and muffler unlike p180.
    it gives somewhere around 40kmpl in normal mode and around 25 in racing mode. but its worth every paise and is more sturdy design than any other bikes in the range of price.

  • Navjot Says:

    Berlin : Stop confusing yourself more and more ….. Just buy a bike which you like. !!

  • Berlin Says:

    Thank u navjot and Gurvinder. my dad likes 220 very much but he is little worried wat if the mileage drops below 35 or 30kmpl. but i am satisfied with both 180 and 220. its my dads wish to choose between two.

  • jai Says:

    Clips on handle bar is optional or tat only available????????
    Is it possible to get single bar???

  • Gurvinder Says:

    @Ashok kumar.. people have different views.. I let out what my experience was.. you let out yours.. fair enough..

    Clip ons come as standard on P180. Not optional. Clip ons look better than single ones.. why you want to get them? Moreover, Clip ons have more bebefits than old style single handle bar. Most of the sports bikes come with clip ons.. They are appealing and help in improving stability.. If you still are stuck on single handle bar, i think you will be able to buy one from the market and it might fit on the bike.. Pulsar ug3 had the single bar, the bits on it were same too..

  • Berlin Says:

    hi Gurvinder and Navjot,
    Decided to take p220F. will book in this week…..

  • Midhun Says:

    haii i read your blog.. i m planning to buy pulsar 180cc in the first week of jan 2011.. bt many of my friends told me the bike will have complaints after 1-1.5 years of riding.. is it true?? i m a gr8 fan of pulsar.. plz help me yarr..

  • Berlin Says:

    every bike will hav complaints unless u maintain it well.
    And dont mind ur friends.. just take wat ur heart say..

  • Navjot Says:

    First of all congrats BERLIN !

    @MIDHUN : Pulsar demand little more maintenance nothing else… but the pleasure , performance they give you can only be felt.

    Berlin suggest you right here… !

  • Berlin Says:

    thanks Navjot

  • Midhun Says:

    thanks both of you.. m going to buy pulsar 180cc.. hope it goes well.. i will get on the first week of 2011..

  • Berlin Says:

    my choice is also p180 until yesterday eve. when we went to showroom yesterday changed my choice to p220f. and saw orange p180 it looks good..

    hi hav prob in choosing color… Hav u seen orange p220 in streets?
    if so how does it looks? it looks good in photos:

  • midhun Says:

    pulsar 220 was the one which i wuld lve to get.. bt my pappa not allowing me to take it..

  • Gurvinder Says:

    Hello Guys.. P180 is an all rounder midhun.. good choice.. go for it… use it as tourer as these days i am doing, travelling 250 kms every 3 days from chandigarh to ludhiana and more than 50 kms inside chandiagrh from ISBT – 43 to Sector 28, Takes me around 250 kms in a single day. Have done 10,000 kms completed on my pulsar day before yesterday, now 6th service due and my bike more and more refined than ever. I do every trip 80 – 90 kms constant trouble free.. no problems till date with the bike only chain and rotatory parts cleaning on my bike with regular servicing including oil change at every 2000 kms now. Very soon I am going to Publish my blog on Maintaining your Pulsar and keeping it trouble free. For those of you who complaint a lot about pulsar will find all there problems answered on that blog. That will include step by step gear lever opening and chain cover opening and cleaning with photos will be there. I have done it succesfully myself recently and cleaned a lot of sludge that accumulated because of oiling the chain. People complaint a lot about chain noise in pulsar. So, I am inspired to write about it. I will find some time after exams and publish it by end of month.. cheeeeeeerrrssssss…..

  • Gurvinder Says:

    I use 180 as city bike, sometimes I feel sport oriented, sometimes as cruiser when i love to cruise at slow speeds in good lovely weather and many a times these days as tourer… I love it.. Yes, it requires maintainance, but, you will enjoy it. Recently I got my rear tyre changed as well. I was inspired by Navjot to get IRC this time. Now I got broader tyre on the rear that is 130/70-17″ IRC low profile,, Looks awesome.. I will post pictures on my blog soon.. Costed me 2600 Rs. with fitting from Chandigarh.. lot cheaper than you will get from Bajaj Agencies itself..

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    1. hi gurvinder...

      how much would the fitting of an oil cooler cost in my pulsar 180cc ug4 es i bought on 3rd oct 2011...??

      and how much would the fitting of the front portion and silencer of 220f cost to me??

      plz tell me...

      i live in jabalpur(m.p.)

    2. hi... i bought a new p-180 n I have to go for my first servicing so which oil I have to prefer...... I have to go with Motul 15W50 or oil recommended by service center.....
      Plz help me with this.....

    3. my p180 nov 2011 i have done 17000km,n there is no prblm in my bike,,even i travel 5times trivandram to chennai up n down 1700km,great power n perfoms,,trust me guys,,i was geting 50km/p in city n' 60km/p hwy,,by rony dsouza.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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